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3 Smashing Destinations That You Can Visit In Portugal

Tourism in various places around the world is booming due to the high volume of people who want to convert their stress into relaxing travel goals. And did you know that the magnificent country of Portugal is one of those locations sailing in terms of its tourism success? It will be a lot of good news for a traveler like you because you will have another one place to be included on your bucket list.

I can always assure that this alluring destination has the most of it from its stunning views, rich history, innovative art, and friendly locals. Your visitation will also be hassle-free since the country’s leading airline (TAP) already extended their stopover program up to five days. So if you are ready for a quick tour, here are some of the bonny and excellent spots you might visit while staying in Portugal.


The enchanting town of Ericeira should be incorporated as one to your favorite places to wander. Your interest in water activities might complement to this small and quaint fishing village. It is the closest beautiful beach town to the capital, wherein you can watch surfers as you sit along the cliffs. Moreover, food will not be a problem because of the fantastic restaurants that you can try to spend your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plates of seafood will never be at the bottom list because most of the beaneries offer it.


Spending your day to the Alentejo region will break you away from the crowds. Evora (city’s capital) is a pulchritudinous spot to learn the past and the enigmatic nature, which makes it an ideal Halloween destination. Leading you to the Chapel of Bones (Capela dos Ossos) will leave you breathless. This 16-century church has toughly 5,000 human skeletons that you can only find inside on its walls. Other mind-blowing historical sites such as the Cathedral of Évora and Roman Temple should also never miss being toured by the tourists.


Did you know that the famous author of those exquisite children’s fairy tales – Hans Christian Anderson once resided into a house located in Sintra’s woods? It makes the lovely town well-known for visitors, which is situated 30 kilometers from Lisbon. Obtaining day trips here is easy, and it takes 2-3 days for you to view everything in detail. You can find here the elegant Monserrate Palace and 19th-century Pena Palace. Moreover, the fictional destinations like Westeros and Camelot will genuinely overwhelm you. Continue

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Admire Brazil

Recently, the captivating country of Brazil is experiencing tragedic circumstances like the trending forest fire of the Amazon Forest. However, that doesn’t mean that its tourism will go down because all of us can do something to raise awareness and take action to spread the word of protecting our nature. This country is well-known when it comes to having vibrant biodiversity and culture. In addition to that, it is also plentiful for antiquated heritages and jaw-dropping sceneries. Don’t also forget to taste the native dishes as well as get in touch with the kind and warm native people. Take a more intimate look at a few reasons why you should love Brazil.

Gratifying Destinations

Boasting a total of 70 outstanding national parks and dozens of superb monuments including Christ the Redeemer – one of the well-known Seven Wonders of the New World. Brazil will always attract hundreds of tourists every year, which creates the most exciting and meandering destinations in South America. People that came from around the corners of the world are crossing in this beautiful place to witness dazzling blue oceans, silver coasts, sprawling metropolises, and lavishing jungles. You can check these 15 engaging destinations of the country: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Fernando de Noronha, Foz de Iguaçu, Chapada Diamantina, Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Amazon, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Olinda, Florianopolis, Bonito, Mount Roraima, Pantanal, and Curitiba.

Foods to celebrate

Okay, so I am not going to make this statement too long because I know whoever reads this is probably either hungry or either excited to learn more what are the most popular foods that you can try here. Hearty cuisine and vast countryside will have you in raptures. I picked the top 10 of the most flavorful Brazilian cuisine you need to try. These are the: Moqueca (pronounced moo-kek-a), Brigadeiros, Acarajé (pronounced a-ka-ra-zjeh), Açaí (pronounced a-sa-ee), Fried bar snacks, Barbecued meat, Cachaça, Pão de queijo, Quindim, and Feijoada.


Brazil has an extensive land wherein different tribal groups are dwelling inside to some of its vibrant forests. And since there are plenty of tribal organizations here, sometimes you better visit and get in touch with them. Although most of them are located in some remote areas, there is a friendly Dessana tribe in which you can opt as part of your tours to the world’s widest rainforest. There are also various ways for you to learn more about the rare indigenous cultures in the country like Memorial of Indigenous People in Brasilia, Tucum in Rio de Janeiro, Check out the Museum of Indigenous People in Rio de Janeiro, Aldeia Maracanã, Indigenous tribe in Rio de Janeiro and NGO Survival. Continue