3 Breath-Taking Spots In Venezuela

Taking to the different phenomenal countries around the corners of the earth is genuinely worth it and brings us happiness. And if you are planning which of them will be the excellent one to visit, then head to the jaw-dropping country of Venezuela to explore unusual yet exciting stuff and discover its hidden history and culture. Surprisingly, there are incredible things you can witness here, such as the gorgeous and one-of-a-kind landscapes and beaches.

There are also enchanting waterfalls that tumble off atop the hills and lively cities that await you when you want to spend quality time while chilling with a glass of beer. Its capital – Caracas, offers many ventures to do and cultural positions and encompassing attractions.

2 Los Roques Archipelago (ArchipiƩlago Los Roques)

Several marvelous reasons draw travelers to hit this incredible location – modest expansion with no high-rise hotels and villas, the turquoise waters, coral reefs, and sun-drenched beaches. 2 Los Roques is an excellent option for those visitors who want to escape the busy set-up brought by the city. You may try going to the Gran Roque, which is a tiny seaside fishing village wherein the home is painted in different hues producing bright colors viewed throughout Venezuela. I love the way the establishments stretch along the beachfront, and this is the reason why it makes as a highlight to many guests. If you are with your family and friends, the quaint island of Cayo is best to tour because it can be reached through the boat as it is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Venezuela. This terrific island is suitable for snorkeling trips and diving.

Canaima National Park and the Gran Sabana

Noted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Canaima National Park covers three million hectares, wherein you can find here also the Angel Falls. The marvelous park is also surrounded by the high plateau of La Gran Sabana that includes more than 100 tabletop mountains. Having plenty of breath-taking waterfalls are the main highlights in this area that spread across the Brazilian border.

Angel Falls

The majestic Angel Falls can be found at the heart of the country wherein tabletop mountains stand up like giant monoliths of the enclosing landscape. Did you know that is the highest waterfall in the world, having 979 meters high? This scenario makes as one of the primary highlights of South America. It would be best if you always prepared yourself when thinking of getting here because it is remote and hard to access. The falls maybe a little bit tricky to visitors during the dry season, so the best thing you should do is to see if there’s enough water to make the trip worthy.

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