Top 4 Destinations In Cambodia That You Should Never Miss To Visit

Every time we go traveling, we always think about what would be the best place visit to witness all of the fantastic stuff the world could offer to us. Well, there is a small country which could compete in different places when it comes to having ideal and appealing attractions to tour. Cambodia is one of the best example spots wherein you can experience an extraordinary trip from its throbbing jungle, pristine beaches, rolling hills to its calm and peaceful countryside. I might help you make your tour possible here, and here are some of the best destinations in the Kingdom of wonder that you can hit.


The lovely town of Kep is perfect and well-know for its crab and other kinds of seafood, which archetypal to mix with Kampot pepper. Aside from that, it is also famous as the Kep-sur-Mer during the times of the French colonial periods wherein visitors spend here as a weekend retreat. Push yourself towards in this spectacular are during early hours before 10 pm to avoid rowdy parties. There are plenty of astounding activities you should try here like unwinding on the short stretch of sand, horse-riding within the natural countryside, and going to the Crab Market and after that taking a hike around the national park.


Mondulkiri is a mountainous province that situates in the eastern part of Cambodia. It is home to many scenic views like the thick jungle and rolling hills wherein the climate is colder for the people to enjoy it! You can try another unique experience by engaging yourself to one of the most friendly and visited the tribe in the region -the bunong tribe. They are being visited by tourists most of the time because of the eco-initiative programs. You can also find diverse wildlife such as elephants and other handful beasts that are being rescued from overwork.

Cardamom Mountains

The vibrant Cardamon Mountains in Cambodia are recognized as Asia’s most significant remaining rainforest. What’s fantastic to know about this prominent spot is that it was home to 25,000 people plus a large number of imperiled wildlife throughout the expansive woodland. And did you know that most of the people or groups that live here ethnic minorities? And because of its nature as protected land, illegal logging and wildlife trafficking are strictly prohibited to conserve the floras and faunas. Kayaking, biking, trekking are the ideal adventures that you can do in this exceptional area.

Preah Vihear

Are you ready for an out of the ordinary trip around the country? Well, head to Preah Vihear as it is considered as the home to pristine vistas and temple of the sacred mountain. Ownership of this holy place remains to continue until today after the brutal battle between the two countries. The temple is worth a visit while the military’s presence remains strong. There are several stunning structures here which are built way back the 9th and 12th century.

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