5 More Fascinating Locations To Visit

Traveling and exploring different delightful places will help us to motivate ourselves and lessen the factor of having anxiety. It is essential for us to look for better and change our lifestyle sometimes. And maybe few the most attractive tourist destinations will trigger our eagerness to move outside the border lines.

The following are some of the beautiful locations we can go to:

1. Zhangye Danxia Geopark, China

It is perfect for geology lovers and social media photographers to hit this scene because of its otherworldly hues of the so-called “rainbow mountain.” Sediments formed colors over a million of years. It is like you are inside a magical world full of glow.

2. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, India

Jaipur is known as the “pink city” for the trademark for its buildings. Hawa Mahal translates as the palace of the winds, and people recognize this as one most beautiful examples of the city’s rosy-hued architecture. The structure of the buildings is truly undeniable and unbelievable to see. The more the rosy the color it is, the more it gets more engaging. This is a greate blog post about this location!

3. Venice, Italy

The canals with a be-striped gondolier sound is a truly romantic and unique floating city. It gives the vacationists a feeling of excitement upon reaching this place.

4. Sossusvlei, Namibia

The Sossusvlei in Namibia coastal desert is home to the world’s tallest dunes of sand including one that is nearly a quarter-mile high. This is very unlike to the other deserts because this one is full of the highest formations of sands.

5. Banff National Park, Canada

The glacial lakes in Canada’s first national park have some of the bluest water you’ve ever seen. Even if you’re not particularly outdoorsy, you can still admire the views from one of the cozy and luxurious lakeside lodges throughout the park. The weather compliments the beauty of this park and will make you more enjoyable for your journey.

6. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The place is unearthing in Reykjavik, Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon. Its trademark is the color from the silica-rich waters that feed it. It is isn’t just pretty because the geothermal water is right for your skin too. The power of nature in this area is a combination of fantastic panoramic view and can heal body problems.

7. Great Ocean Road, Australia

You can head west from Melbourne on this coastal drive to see everything from the famous 12 Apostle rock formations. It is one great escape to see and feel the charm of nature.

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